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Hello and “Thank You” for taking a few moments of your valuable time to learn more about Blue Ocean Wealth Management.  Blue Ocean was created to offer clients a different experience than many have received from the financial services industry. Blue Ocean strives to provide value with each client interaction and to help our clients reach their individual goals.

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Joshua Ballard, Founder

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Our Mission

To help clients make wise financial decisions that lead to long-term success while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Why Blue Ocean?

With the alarming rate of people unprepared for retirement rising, Blue Ocean specializes in assisting clients with asset and risk management by developing a personalized financial plan that helps the client achieve their unique goals.

“Blue Ocean was created to offer clients a different experience.”

Joshua Ballard

Most Common Concerns People Have

People seek out financial consultants for many reasons, but a few of the most common concerns Blue Ocean encounters are listed below. Our objective is to help clients overcome all concerns with unbiased guidance and direction.

Are you going to take care of me?

Clients want to know that their advisor is going to treat them with respect and not intentionally do anything that is not in their best interest.  Blue Ocean strives to educate and empower clients so that they understand their investments and how those investments fit into their financial plan.

Am I going to have enough?

Clients want to know that they are on track to a comfortable retirement.  The advisor has to ask the right questions in order to thoroughly analyze their individual situation.  Blue Ocean will run reasonable and conservative calculations in an effort to determine a client’s current direction.

What do I need to do to have enough?

If the client is not on track to meet their long-term goals, Blue Ocean will give them an honest opinion of the changes that need to occur in the client’s lifestyle to get them back on track.

Am I protected?

Clients want to know the potential risks that could adversely affect their financial plan and retirement goals.  Blue Ocean will discuss any potential risk and create a plan to address and protect against those risks.

3 Questions To Consider When Choosing A Financial Advisor:

Question 1:

How do I know if my best interests are being placed above my advisor’s own interests if the advisor I hire must maintain certain levels of production each year?  Most advisors must produce income above certain thresholds each year in order to maintain their current payout or they will be penalized.

Blue Ocean is under no pressure to ever sell you any products.

Blue Ocean does not have to meet any monthly, quarterly, or annual sales goals or quotas. Blue Ocean’s focus is to place your needs first and help you accomplish your unique goals.

Question 2:

If your advisor charges commissions or receives compensation directly or indirectly from selling you products, how do you know your interests are being placed above theirs?  Many advisors today are compensated based on the number of products they sell you and some of those products pay the advisor higher compensation levels than others.

Blue Ocean only receives compensation in the form of Flat Fee-Based Accounts. 

Blue Ocean is never compensated directly or indirectly by any form of commission or compensation based on the number of products sold to you.  Blue Ocean feels this is the most appropriate way to guarantee that the client and the advisor are on the same side of the table and that your interests are aligned.

Question 3:

If your advisor is not being held to a Fiduciary Standard, how do you know if your interests are being placed above their own?  Many firms only hire salespeople to sell their products, and those products only have to be suitable at the time of the sale. There is no legal mandate that investments and/or products sold be appropriate for a client at all times. It is, however, a legal requirement for a fiduciary.

Blue Ocean takes on a Fiduciary Standard.

Blue Ocean takes on the fiduciary responsibility and duty at all times.  As a fiduciary, Blue Ocean must ensure that every holding and investment you own is right for your individual situation at all times.  If your situation changes and Blue Ocean is made aware of those changes, it is Blue Ocean’s responsibility to make sure your finances reflect those changes and are appropriate to your current situation.

Blue Ocean Wealth Management

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